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Gabriele Caragnano, the IMD Executive Director, launched the strategic program to digitalize the MTM offer of training and qualification. A project team was formed, headed by Gabriele (IT), to discuss the main directions of change of the MTM international network. The team members are Hans Fischer (D) IMD President, Guillaume Lachevre (FR) VP IMD, Peter Kuhlang (AUT) IMD Technical Coordinator, Thomas Gehart (AUT), Emmanuel Calvez (TK), Knuth Jasker (D), David Calvo (ES) and Chester Dobrowski (US).

The program is very ambitious and represents an excellent opportunity to review the overall organizational structure of the MTM network and the “go to market” strategy of the next 5 years. We cannot anticipate too much, because there are many decisions to take, but we can say there will be a revolution in our marketing strategy: more attention and resources dedicated to the communication with the users (companies and individuals) and easier access to our courses.

In the next weeks we’ll keep you updates. Follow us

Kind Regards

Gabriele Caragnano, IMD Executive Director

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