EAWS is originally an extension of the Automotive Assembly Worksheet (AAWS) developed by the IAD (Institut of Ergonomics at the Darmstadt University of Technology) on the basis of the “New Production Worksheet”, initiated 1997 by General Motors Europe (GME), and the “DesignCheck”, realized at the same time at Porsche. The development of the EAWS was carried out between 2006 and 2008, by occupational health, biomechanical and industrial engineering international experts from all over the world, coordinated by the IMD (International MTM Directorate).


The field test was run in multinational companies that allowed the team to analyze relevant processes that represented different production contests. In this way all the necessary tests were performed before the last release of the tool (Field Application Group).


In addition, software companies were involved during EAWS development in order to implement and develop specific software solutions based on EAWS structure (Engineering Application Group).


IMD and national MTM Associations, together with the experts that worked with the team, gave all the tests results to the reference teams that represent the EAWS users main process partners (Reference Groups). The general project organization during the development phase was the following:


Figure 3: EAWS project development organization

Field Application Group:


  • MTM Italia
    • I. Lavatelli, International MTM Instructor
    • A. Tassinari, International MTM Instructor
    • C. Rubano, MTM Instructor
    • FIAT auto, Mirafiori Torino Plant
      • Ergonomy: S. Torrisi and S. Spada
      • Planning & Control: L. Galante, R. Bonetti, M. Capoccia, M. Vitello
      • BOSCH Diesel Technologies and Breaking Systems (BA)
        • Industrial Engineering : M. Mancino and V. Nicassio
        • WE: Whirlpool Europe (Home Appliances), Amiens plant, France
          • R. Delrue
          • IVECO: commercial vehicles, Suzzara plant
            • H&S: S. Cencetti,
            • Ergonomy: F. Leoni
            • Work Analysis: G. Condò


  • IAD
    • R. Bruder
    • K. Schaub
    • Volkswagen: automotive (IAD)
      • Industrial Engineering: J. Nanasi
      • Ergonomy: B. Toledo Munoz, R. Filus
      • Bosch: (IAD)
        • Bosch components
        • Bosch- Siemens home appliances

Bosch Rexroth tools

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