My work in product optimization takes place in the production unit and is part of the group-wide IE division. The aim is to find and determine a design that ensures easy assembly work at an early point in the production development process for each new project for vehicles. To achieve this, alternative design options are developed in 3P product workshops (production, preparation, process) and are tested to find potential for improvements. I determine the EHPV ratio for the specialist bodywork department ” i.e. the ratio of the total manufacturing time needed for assembly processes caused by the design (see the QR code at the end of this article). I also advise those attending workshops on developing solutions for future vehicle projects to ensure ease of assembly.


The results of cross-brand vehicle comparisons are used here as ideas and the most beneficial solutions can then be derived for the assembly concepts under consideration. But assembly-compatible design does not just mean that a component can be assembled well and reliably ” an all-round study also takes into consideration ergonomic issues. The assessment tool based on EAWS, which supplies the Ergonomics Product Index (EPI) as a statistic, allows conclusions to be drawn with regard to ergonomic stress levels and potential for improvements during the concept phase. Overall, this is an exciting job, which requires a great deal of sensitivity and persuasion work during the coordination process, but is also confirmed by having measurable results.

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