Two instructors plan and hold all the MTM training courses at the Wolfsburg site: my colleague Frank Klopper looks after the field of operative industrial engineering at Wolfsburg and at the component factories in Salzgitter and Braunschweig. I look after the field of Volkswagen brand planning (PM) and industrial engineering within the group.


We hold in-house MTM practitioner training with the following courses once or twice a year:


– MTM Basic System (MTM-1)

– MTM UAS and

– MTM practitioner seminar


in line with the German MTM Association’s training and examination rules.


The 12 ” 15 participants mainly come from the concept and brand planning division. All the colleagues, who analyze processes in relation to pricing, complete the homework needed for the practitioner’s diploma afterwards. After successfully completing the courses, they then receive the “Blue Card®? from MTM as internationally recognized proof of their ability to practically use the MTM process to plan and continually improve business processes.


The refresher seminars held every 3 years to extend the “Blue Card®? are also organized regularly to guarantee that MTM is used in the proper way. Our three-day information event about MTM methods is one of our in-house developments. For this purpose, I have developed a special training concept for those attending, who may not directly use MTM methods, but need to know how MTM functions for their industrial engineering work. The understanding of methods for the process language and the analysis method is explained to those attending the course and is reinforced by using practical examples. This event takes place two or three times a year ” in several languages, if required.

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