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Frederick Evans

Bild-Frederick-EvansHe was educated at Nottingham University (U.K.) where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics. In 1965 he developed MTM-2 system in collaboration with K.Magnusson. In 1975 conducted a survey called “A Comparison of Consistency of Time Study Observer and MTM-2 Analysts” sponsored by U.K. MTM Association in conjunction with the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. He published followed articles: “MTM-2 Based Maintenance Work Measurement – Basic Concepts and Mathematical Models” (1969), “Tape Data Analysis” (1969), “The precision and accuracy of Tape Data Analysis” (1971), “PMTS in perspective” (1972), “MTMA Office Data System” (1974). He was for several years Technical Director of the MTM Association in the United Kingdom, a post he has held since 1966 when the Association established a full time executive organization</li> <li>He was Coordinating Trustee for Application and Research of the International MTM Directorate. He had extensive industrial experience in works management, production management and work study 

Walton Hancock

Hancock1 He received his education at the John Hopkins University, graduating with a Doctor of Engineering in 1954. From 1954-1956 he was a lieutenant in the U.S. Air force and taught at the Air Force Institute of Technology in the field of Production Engineering. From 1956-1959 he was Director of Industrial Engineering for The Lord Baltimore Press, a division of the International Paper Company. In 1959 he joined the staff of the Operation Research Group at The University of Michigan and subsequently became professor of Industrial Engineering in 1962 and Chairman of the Department from 1963 to 1968. He was the Functional Coordinating Trustees Research IMD for several years since 1966. He was Chairman of the IMD Research basic Committee for several years since 1969. He collaborated with MTM association in research Projects about the development and the performance evaluation of MTM Systems. He published with other researchers the articles: “Accuracy Comparisons of MTM-1, GPD, MTM-2, MTM-3 and the AMAS Systems” (1973), “Productivity, Quality and Complaint Consideration in the Selections of MTM Systems” (1974), “More Evaluations Parameters for MTM Systems” (1975). He was an Editor in Chief of the MTM Journal. 

Olle Hasselqvist

Bild-Olle-Hasselqvist He has been occupied in Work Study and Industrial Engineering since the beginning of the ‘50s and had worked with Swedish MTM Association from 1959 to the end of 1973, when this association merged in the Federation of Industrial Engineering in Sweden. As managing doctor for the Swedish MTM Association he was administrative Project Leader for the development in Sweden of MTM-2, MTM-3, MTM-V and other internationally well-known MTM based projects. He was Executive Secretary of the IMD for several years since 1966.  He was a member of the Board of the Swedish Rationalization Association and of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers 

Winfried Helms

Bild-Winfried-Helms1 Born in Hannover in 1928. In 1954 obtains doctorate in jurisprudence at the University of Hamburg. Afterward studies business management education. Serves as attorney for the district and regional courts and for the provincial high court in Hamburg. Since 1961 he has been familiar with the MTM process within the framework of his juristic duties. In 1962 is charged by representatives of the most important German companies to establish the German MTM Organization e.V. 1962–1992 managing director of the MTM Organization. In this capacity he gives the further development of the MTM process considerable momentum and initiates the founding of MTM participating societies in industrial and economic consultation. The intense cooperation with representatives from business and employee associations, colleges and politics is as much his concern as his efforts to create a worldwide single concept of productivity. From 1965 to 1990 member of the board of International MTM directorships, from 1990 its president. At the same time president of the European Federation of Productivity Services (EFPS), a merger of European work study associations founded in 1963. Until 1995 president of the European Institute of Industrial Engineers (EIIE), over whose founding in 1989 he had considerable influence. On the 9th of December 1995 Dr. Winfried Helms dies at the age of 67 

Carl Becks

Bild-Carl-Becks Born near Aachen in 1935. Graduated with a degree in engineering with a focus on lightweight and aircraft construction in 1957 in Aachen. At the same time he took basic training in motion and time analysis. Since 1957 has been working in the industry, mainly with Vorwerk & Co., Wuppertal, home appliances production, where he introduced the MTM systems and become planning director. From 1968 MTM professional instructor and researcher with the German MTM Association. He led the development of UAS and MEK systems. 1992-2000 Managing Director of the German MTM Association 

Klaus Helmrich

KlausH1 Born June 8, 1941 in Berlin, Germany. In 1962 he got the Engineering degree in Industrial Engineering. 1965-1970 ASEA representative in the developments of MTM-2, MTM-3, MTM-V, KLAR-K and -U. In 1968 he became International Instructor for MTM systems. 1974-1980 Project leader and instructor for transfer of Industrial Engineering know-how and techniques as follows: MTM-V to US/Canada MTM Association, MIDC in Taiwan and to Israel. SAM to IMI Israel. MTM-1-2-3, SAM to JMA, Japan. Capital Productivity to US/Canada MTM Association and various companies in the US. MTM and Capital Productivity to group of industries in Beijing, China. MTM, Capital Productivity, Change Over Efficiency to Sacen and industrial representatives of Yugoslavia. 1979-1990 Executive secretary of IMD (International MTM Directorate). Executive secretary of EFPS (European Federation of Productivity Services). 1986 European Industrial Engineer. Since 2002 President of IMD (International MTM Directorate). During his activity he also published various specialized books: Capital productivity (1982). Change Over Efficiency (1984). Man at Work (1988). Measure & Improve Productivity (1992). Boundary free Flow Organisations (1995) 

Gabriele Caragnano

Caragnano1 Born in Varese in 1965. Graduated from the Politecnico of Milan with a degree in management engineering after serving the Country as a Carabiniere in 1990-1991.  1991-1997 he worked as an industrial engineer for Whirlpool Europe at the European headquarter, where he led a European project to introduce the continuous improvement culture and the MTM systems in all the European plants. In 1997 he founded the company Apex Consulting together with the Deutsche MTM Gesellschaft, in 1998 established the Italian MTM Association and led the start up of Icos Consulting in the UK (1998-2002). Since 2002 Gabriele is the Executive Director of the International MTM Directorate and at present he is Associate Partner of PwC Italy. In 2012 he leads the establishment of the Fondazione ERGO-MTM Italia. 2008-2011 leads the development of the IMD system Ergonomic Assessment Work-Sheet (EAWS), of which he is currently managing the continuous improvement. Since june 2013 Gabriele is the President of the Working Group Anthropometry and Biomechanics in Italy (UNI) and he is one of the experts nominated by UNI within the ISO and CEN mirror Working Groups. 


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