Introduction to MEK

  • Introduction to MEK

  • Introduction to MEK

Introduction to MEK

Introduction to MEK

The cost-effective work organization with the objective of constantly improving


  •  the cost-performance ratio  (function, quality)
  • delivery reliability (short-term, on schedule deliveries)
  • humane, motivating work structuring

is a permanent task, regardless of the company’s size and industry, to insure the competitiveness of the company and its products.


Since its release in 1948, the MTM method has played an important role in accomplishing this task. It enables


  • consistent, often analytical examination of production runs
  • comprehensive examination of processes for determining weak points in the work method and conversion of potential into improvements
  • assurance of up-to-date times of planned work systems based on a unified performance standard


Considering the predominant structural conditions in industry, MTM-1 (MTM basic system) was primarily developed for mass and line production and was successfully employed there.


The market conditions changed the situation of many companies that were now fundamentally characterized by:


  • shortened production life-span
  • increasing complexity in production
  • increasing variety
  • turning away from high production quantities


Designing, planning and managing operational work routines requires methods for calculating process data which accommodate these new conditions and whose application requires the least amount of costs and effort.


The sensitivity of MTM-1 is neither necessary nor economically viable for analyzing long-cycle processes or for activities which change constantly.

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Based on these considerations, a  building block system referred to as


MEK   –   (MTM in the one-of-a-kind/small batch)

was produced for use under conditions found in  one-of-a-kind/small batch. MEK is a subsystem of the MTM prozess building block system.





Survey of the user-neutral MTM process building block system

The user-neutral MTM process building block system encompasses subsystems in 6 hierarchical levels, which have different characteristics regardless of the respective method level.


All higher aggregated subsystems of the MTM process building block system share basic features:


Basic principle:

The method determines the time.


Standard Performance

“…equivalent to the performance of an average worker who can perform a given task for the duration without tiring.”


Reference Performance

All subsystems of MTM process building block system refer to acommon reference performance: the MTM-1 system.


Influencing factor:

features or factors which determine the time required for a given method, e.g. weight, distance, place accuracy.


The building block system MEK is a subsystem consisting of the MEK basic operations system and the MEK standard operations system. MEK is linked to the method level of the one-of-a-kind/small batch.


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