The gala dinner

The gala dinner

The IMD Board meeting held at Birmingham will be remembered as the 50th birthday of the UK MTM Association. The whole IMD Board wishes the UK MTM Association a brilliant future and is ready to support the reneaissance of the past glory.

The meeting has seen the birth of a new MTM Association: after 10 years of activity under the German umbrella, the Portuguese MTM Association has reached the status of full membership. Congratulations to all our Portuguese colleagues.

The IMD in the last 24 months has seen the establishment of 2 new Associations: Turkia and Portugal; and of 4 new MTM Chapters: India, Hungary, Bulgaria and Benelux. Despite the difficult conditions of the European industry, the number of certifications keeps on increasing.

We all thank the UK MTM Association for the beautiful hospitality.

See you in Wien on the 16th May 2015

Gabriele Caragnano, IMD Executive Director

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