The maintenance process of EAWS is managed by the EAWS Technical Board, which is composed of


  • G. Caragnano, IMD – Distribution and coordination
  • K. Schaub, IAD – EAWS form (figures and relations), scientific consulting and approval
  • I. Lavatelli, AMI – Manual, slides and IVGA file


The Customer Care (CC) function is granted by AMI and IAD (EAWS@mtmitalia.com)


This function is a reference for the users in case they want to contact the EAWS Technical Board to submit proposals, articles or they have any question regarding the application.


The CC function is also in charge of editing the modifications to the training set and EAWS form and to keep a Log file of all the modifications (release notes).


Additionally, a User Board will be composed by organizations with EAWS instructors and practitioners, such as:


  • National MTM Associations (translation, qualification procedure and certification)
  • FGA and VW (reports from the field application)


The Engineering Application Group is composed of software developers who use EAWS in their software product and the software product is certified by the IMD.


The maintenance process regards the following items:


Figure 4 – EAWS set of items

The EAWS governance system is represented as follows:


Figure 5 – EAWS governance


The maintenance process cycle is the following:



Figure 6 – EAWS maintenance process cycle

The key tollgates are the following:


  • Concept Evaluation Tollgate (CET), at the end of September, to define the new concept
  • Release Evaluation Tollgate (RET), at the end of November, to release the new EAWS documents
  • Business Evaluation Tollgate (BET), at the end of February, to release the tested EAWS documents to the software developers
  • Software Certification Tollgate (SCT) to certify software products using the officially released EAWS version


The EAWS key user meeting is intended to present to the main users the changes of the EAWS and to collect a feed-back from the field application.

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