The Ergonomic Assessment Work Sheet (EAWS) is mentioned for the first time by an ISO technical report. The freshly published ISO TR 12295 reports the following: “EAWS (Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet – section 4). Developed mainly by German researchers at the Institute of Ergonomics of Darmstadt University of Technology and based on their experience in the Automobile sector. Available at http://ergo-mtm.it/ergonomic-assessment-work-sheet-eaws-form-and-overview/ or as, publication in Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science (TIES) – Taylor & Francis Group. Published online: 27 Apr 2012. Manuals and training materials are made available in the main languages by the International MTM Directorate and by the Fondazione ERGO-MTM Italia (www.ergo-mtm.it).

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