People say that corporations like Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbH are involved in enormous logistics operations. KNV has been using the new EAWS Digital program to assess ergonomics since the beginning of the year. Herbert Haider is the person who is responsible for MTM for this project in Cologne.


You will definitely be familiar with a situation like this:


Your bookstore round the corner does not have a book in stock, but ” you can pick it up the next morning. The logistics operations provided by a book wholesaler like KNV ” Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbH ” are what enable this “overnight book service? to function. Despite the process of automation in the world of logistics, there are still a large number of manual tasks at this wholesaler?s, which have to be designed in an ergonomic way. The new EAWS Digital program has been used to assess ergonomics at KNV since the beginning of this year. The magazine “MTM aktuell? accompanied the head of the software company, Manfred Laier, during his discussions on this issue with the person responsible for MTM at KNV in Cologne, Herbert Haider. KNV has one of its book and media warehouses in Cologne.


There are mainly three distribution channels for the book trade:

– the publishing trade,

– the wholesale trade and

– the retail trade.


The wholesale trade with its “book wholesalers? represents a trading level between the publishing house and a local bookstore. The “book wholesalers? are part of the wholesale trade and supply book retailers at their own expense and in their own name. All the items are listed in the company?s own database, and this is available to booksellers as a search tool. Many of the smaller booksellers mainly work with book wholesalers. This makes their work easier and saves them time if they purchase many books from a wholesaler instead of having to approach several publishing houses individually.

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